November 5, 2018 – December 14, 2018

Heather Welsh will lead us on a 6 week long journey through the ins and outs of local food, proper food preparations and ingredient sleuthing. Each day we will discuss at least one food item or food group in depth and 1 ingredient often found in personal products.

We will cover sourcing so that no matter where you are located you will know what to look for and the questions to ask. When possible, online resources for quality products that can’t be found locally will be provided and can be obtained at a great price.

The course will be taught Sun-Thurs nights on in a private Facebook group from approx 9 -10pm through Video’s, Posts and Q & A. Using this medium will ensure that you will not miss anything, because everything will be posted for everyone to see. So if you are out a night or two you can easily catch up. The night after a lesson is posted on the FB page, I will email it out to everyone. So if you prefer email that’s great as well. All questions will be answered on the FB group.

Course content will be dictated by the students with Heather’s guidance. This will be a very interactive class.


  • 3 video conferences
  • Farmers’ market tours (Atlanta area)
  • Dekalb Farmers’ Market Tour (Decatur, GA)
  • Sprouts Tour (Atlanta area)

**A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is a perpetual class…if you can’t digest all of the curriculum or attend all of the videos or tours, you will still be enrolled and can attend everything during the following session or the session after that.  No one will be kicked out after the class ends.  As a matter of fact, I still post in this group even in the off season.  All farm tours, classes and special buys are posted in the class before they are shared elsewhere.  It’s my way of saying thanks for being in the class.

***********BONUS! If you are Atlanta area you get first pick of some of the awesome Bulk Buys I have coming up. So far I have Salt, Strawberries, Blueberries, Fish, Pork, Beef, Worms and Worm Castings.

Not in Atlanta area?

Heather will personally introduce you to sourcing experts in your area and help you find some farmers and resources in your area.  That is as long as you are not located in the middle of a desert, the arctic circle or Antarctica, if you are, I will share hunting and gathering tips with the class on your behalf to ensure you are able to successfully find, forage and catch your needed sustenance.  So yes there is something for everybody in this class.


Please pay via Paypal friends and family option to or Venmo to Heatherinaw.  Once you have paid email or msg me and let me know you have completed payment and I will add you to the class.

  • $199 per person for the full class.
  • Spouse, Partner or Significant other want to join us on the tours?  $20 extra.

Contact or 770-367-5298 for questions.
If you have friends that want to join please feel free to share.

Heather Welsh is a Consumer Advocate and local food Consultant. Her Goal is to help bring quality nutrient dense local food to families and children in the most affordable manner possible. Serving for over 10 years as a Weston a Price Chapter leader, offering Local Food Cooking and Fermentation Classes and leading tours at several Pasture Based Farms in and around the Atlanta Area, Heather has developed a keen understanding and appreciation for quality food and the methods used to produce it. Furthermore her previous experience as a Sourcing Director for a local organic restaurant offers additional understanding to the importance of seasonality and what to look for when dining out.

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