Full Consult $1000 (12 hours)*

Three 4 hour individualized sessions.

Together we will develop a personalized Food Plan and Home Plan based on your preferences and goals.

For example:

  • If you have a required diet prescribed to you by an MD Nutritionist or other Specialist.  We will review that and come up with an overall plan to source and stock your kitchen with those items.
  • If your goal is to bring healthy food and truly clean non-toxic products into your home we will come up with a plane to define what those items are and source those items.

Day 1: Planning and Analysis

I’ll meet with you to determine your goals and what you hope to achieve. We will set up a plan to accomplish all tasks.

  • Analysis
  • Formalize Plan
  • Set up food buying co-op plan / CSA Memberships
  • Complete first order to get Real Food delivered to house.
  • Set up and complete a co-op order.

Day 2: Shopping trip to local store(s)

You pick up to 2 stores.  This trip is to stock up on the clean/healthy foods/products needed.  We will cover how to read labels and choose the most Nutrient dense food that can be found in a store/farmers’ market.  Where we shop will be based on your preferences.

  • Whole Foods
  • Sprouts
  • Aldi
  • Dekalb Farmers’ Market
  • and/or other farmers’ market

Day 3: Plan execution

Review everything to ensure what is needed is now in the house and available.  Assist with cooking to ensure client is off to a good start.

  • Bone Broth/Sauerkraut/Kombucha Prep
  • Freezer Meals
  • Train Chef
  • Life Integration
  • Final review: Personal Care, Cleaning Care Items, Air Filters, Carpet Cleaning, Home Services and Cooking
  • Replenish

Purveyor Services

Discover where to find the most nutrient dense food for your personalized diet (It is recommended that house managers, personal chefs and/or nannies participate as well.)


  • $100 per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)*
  • 4 Hours $350

Culinary Services

Kitchen Prep, Food Prep, Full Prepared Meals (It is recommended that house managers, personal chefs and/or nannies participate as well.)


  • $100 an Hour (2 Hour Minimum)*
  • 4 Hours $350

All in person consulting is within the greater Atlanta area only. Online consulting available.
*Travel Fees are additional

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