Coming from a family that believed in eating real whole food, not processed substitutes, I remember trips to a farm as a child to buy half a cow with my parents. While spending time in Lake Maggiore, Italy in my mid-20s, I saw the difference that the freshest local ingredients can make in flavor. There my love of cooking real fresh food began when I came to realize how amazing and simple it was to prepare phenomenal meals with truly freshly grown and locally prepared foods.

Fast forward to 2003 I was looking to start my own family, like most future parents I wanted to find the best food sources possible to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  This led me to discover the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF). WAPF teaches the principles of eating a traditional, nutrient dense diet from real food, as well as the importance of supporting small farmers as they endeavors to provide us with pastured, high quality, nutrient dense food options.  At the foundations of their values is the focus on Sacred Foods for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.  All of which were of great importance to me to ensure that my children were given every chance at healthy development and a high quality of life.

Holding a masters degree in Organizational Communications, I honed my natural curiosity and research and training skills while working in the corporate setting.  During left corporate America, I have applied these skills to learn about our food system. What I learned about how the majority of our food is grown and processed is that our food system is broken and is making us sicker as a society, that factory farming is not only cruel to the animals, and mono crop agricultural methods do not produce the best tasting food while exposing us and the environment to toxic chemicals, but neither allows the food to be its most nutrient dense and nourishing that it can be. Many of the modern illnesses today (especially in our children) can be healed with food, which made me want better for my family and to share this knowledge with others.

Since 2004 I have served as a local chapter leader for the Weston A Price Foundation promoting the WAPF concepts by organizing events, cooking classes and food buying clubs. I have also worked as as the Food Sourcing Manager for a local restaurant serving a WAPF inspired menu, run various local food co-ops from produce to dairy, cheese, meat and now sustainable wild fish. In 2014 I partnered with Nature’s Garden Express to create co-ops for corporations, as an employee benefit, and schools for fundraising. I still serve many of those organizations in their efforts to provide clean food and a holistic education to their employee’s and students. Working in these capacities has given me a unique position to know most all the local small food producers. I visit farms regularly, lead educational farm tours and interact with artisan food producers on a daily basis. I know what they are producing and how they are doing it. Over time, my increased understanding and passion has ignited a fire in me to create change.

Discovering and maximizing real, local, healthy food is my passion.  I love helping people find the best local food sources so that they can provide their families with nutrient dense, non-processed, non-toxic food, so that they to may raise strong well developed, healthy children, heal their illnesses and lead healthier lives. Watching lives transform inspires me to continue to serve and increase the well-being of the others in our community. I look forward to assisting you in the ways that you desire to create change.

I want you to live your most TRULY HEALTHY life.

My my goal is to help you and your family simplify your journey to a healthier and happier life.

It is pure joy to work with families as they discover the best options for themselves in their kitchen, bathroom and home. My work simplifies the process by guiding you through the maze of clean eating and living, by teaching you where to find and purchase nutrient dense local food and home support in the most affordable manner possible.

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