Falling creek Farms “Eden Pure Beef”

Beef Ordering info is listed below.  Make sure you check out the ground beef special.

Order Deadline 2pm Friday July 13, 2018…

Delivery Day Saturday July 14, 2018

(Next In-town Delivery August 18th)

Brookhaven Nuts’ N Berries              10 – 10:30 am
Snellville                                    11:45am – 12:15 pm

If the 14th does not work for you, orders delivered to the Snellville location can be held for 3 days, call in advance to ensure there is freezer space before ordering.


Each of the boxes below contains 20 lb of beef for $206
(3%sales tax is already included in the price)

$100 deposit required to hold order.  The remainder will be paid at the pick up via cash or check to the farmer.

Pay or make deposit via Venmo @edenpure Emmet Cabaniss
Please be sure to include full order, including box number and list of additional items, along with full name & phone number, and preferred pickup location.

Got questions?  Please text Emmet at:  706-255-0363.
Or call Heather at 770-367-5298

We will be announcing a tour of Falling Creek Farm so you can see how amazing this beef and the cows are in person!

Box 1

  • Ribeye @2lbs
  • Chuck roast @4 lbs
  • Premium ground @10lbs
  • Ribs @2lbs
  • Brats @2lbs*

Box 2

  • Tbone 2 lbs
  • Brisket 7 lbs
  • Premium Ground 8lbs
  • Ribs 2lbs
  • Brats 1lb*

Box 3

  • Sirloin steak 3 lbs
  • Sirloin roast 5 lbs
  • Premium ground 8lbs
  • Ribs 2lbs
  • Brats 2 lbs*

*Brats will be either basic or sweet Italian or both, at our discretion
** Boxes weigh 20 pounds on average, usually slightly more

Additional Items Available:
Liver     $10 /lb
Oxtail     $7.50 /lb
Tongue     $10 each
Bones     $5 /lb
Hearts     $15 /lb
Brats     $12 /lb
Sirloin Steaks     $16 /lb
Ribeye Steak, bone in     $25 /lb
T-bone Steak     $24 /lb
Chuck Roast     $14 /lb
Sirloin Roast      $12 /lb
Brisket (average 7 lbs)     $14 /lb

Do You Love Our Eden Pure Ground Beef?
This week you can get more beef for less bread!  
Buy 20 pounds of premium grind for only $160 plus tax.
Buy 40 pounds and the price drops to $280 plus tax!

If you are seeking larger shares, just ask! 
We are happy to accommodate you.
We also sell halves (@300 – 325 lbs hanging weight)
and wholes (@ 600 lbs – 650 lbs hanging weight).
Prices vary by processing, packaging, and delivery.
For more information, please contact Emmet via text at 706-255-0363.

All cattle are born on the farm. They are a mix of Angus and other breeds. This is a blend of genetics we have found that work well with the environment and provides great taste and quality. Our cattle graze in large pastures unconfined and graze on grasses, weeds, brush, clovers, and even low hanging trees as God intended. This is truly “Lifetime grass fed and finished beef. Our special cattle are never fed grain, vaccinated, given antibiotics, hormones, or other chemicals. it has been like this for over 15 years. Our cattle breathe pure air and drink pure water from springs that originate on the farm, and grass and hay that we grow and harvest ourselves. They also receive Redmond minerals at this time, which are naturally harvested salt-based trace minerals. We have a closed loop production system, meaning all animals have been born on our farm.

Our proof is in our cattle and our weeds. Weeds on a farm are a good sign of a healthy environment. We are proud of our weeds. The way we manage our pastures also preserves and helps the wildlife from fawning and nesting cover to food and cover for wildlife. Part of our proof is that we have bald eagles that nest and successfully rear young on our farm and live in harmony with our wildlife and other birds of prey.

Not only are our growing and production methods different but so are our products. All of our beef is dry aged. We offer a premium product. Our steaks are cut 1.5 inches thick for specific cooking purposes; also they are all bone in to increase the true flavor. All of the non-premium steaks and non-premium roasts have been ground and blended into our Premium Ground Beef, it serves to increase the flavor profile and quality.

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